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T.I.P. Tracker- Social Content Planner

by Jamie Makin


TRANSCRIPT: (Warning, this is realllllly hard to understand without watching the video simultaneously <3 )

Hey everyone. This is Jamie from Makin It Social.

Thank you for buying our social content planner pages. I’m so excited that you’re going to have somewhere in your planner to plan out everything that you are going to post on social media channels… and I’m gonna try not to say planner one more time.

Your set comes with three different sheets. This one is your five day track you can see the five different boxes, one for each day that you’re going to post. And then down the sides you have four spaces for different social channels. Because let’s be honest if you’re going to create a content plan, and have content in these boxes, you might as well repurpose it and spread it across all of your channels, instead of coming up with something brand new every time. Right? Right. So, this is your five day tracker. This is your three day tracker has three boxes, same four boxes down the side. And this is the overview. I feel like this is probably the one that might need a little more explanation than the others. So let’s kind of dig in.

Up at the top I left a spot for you to put the month you’re planning, and which business or which area you’re planning for. Some people like to have one page for the [Making It Social] overview. But some likes to have Makin It Social Facebook page, Makin It Social Instagram, that sort of thing. So, you can write in what you want there.

This is my little color coded note to self to make sure that my content is kind of spread out across the different value offerings. Tips stands for; the T is a tip, I is an identifier- something that somebody can read and be like, “oh yeah me too or oh my god she’s so hilarious I love her.” Cuz I am, and the P is for the pitch. That is a pitch it’s something that you want people to do, to buy, to join, to follow. And then I also note which days I actually want to post my business page. Primarily I plan for my business page, and then adapt it for my Instagram. It’s just easier that way.

Along the top you’ll see one through 24. This is your hourly bar. So if you want to get all sorts of fancy and not just post by day, you can plan by hour. This little box here means you would be posting at 2am on the second. Whoa, that’s extra fancy. It does not have to be that fancy, but if you have something like I do my watch me Wednesday’s [actually no, I put it in the wrong box]. But that is a time thing. That is me going live on my page at the same time every other week. So I like to put boxes in when I actually want to post something at a specific time. Alright, so you can see I’ve got. I’ve just kind of write out on the line, if I don’t have a specific time, it just kind of right out on the line in the color of what I’m going to do just a general high level overview. But before I even do any of that planning, I go in here with like some ridiculously obnoxious color that you cannot miss and circle holidays or things that you want to draw attention to things that you want to announce or acknowledged publicly. So that’s why I’ve got like college graduations start Mother’s Day, there will be specific posts on my business page for those things, then you can work the rest of your content around those things. There’s some breaks in here and of course this isn’t the only thing you’ll you’ll ever post on your on your social media channels. But this is the stuff you really want to post.

Once you’ve got your idea, you take one of those little chunks and plop it into one of these planners. So I did a quick little tutorial, or really tutorial even it’s just kind of a quick overview, of how I would plan one. So, we’re doing a three day track with the objective is to boost our email list, a month so more people on that email- PS if you’re not on the email, go and do it. It’s awesome. Makin It Social.com and there’s a little email pop up.

We’re going to start this track or start the start the track on the eighth, which is actually today, but maybe not today that you’re watching on the top bar is where you’re going to put the high level overview, again, you can use your lasso tool from the other page just kind of lasso what you want and paste it over here. But the order I do things, typically, I offer some sort of value. Give them basically free information that they’re going to be like “oh hey that was cool. Thanks, I can go do that.” Then I give them an identifier for “you know what she’s actually a pretty useful chick. Let’s see if I like her. Oh my god I love her”, because that’s how it always goes. And then on the next page, or the next post is the pitch is the come to this thing. Instead of saying “tip identifier and pitch”, I would actually have it be the thing that I want to talk about that day.

Then down the side is where I post where what channel it is. So your channel is this way, in your content goes this way. Kind of like our other page kind of like this one where you’ve got your hour and then your day. You’ve got what this box is what is going in there for that particular bit. Now, you’ll see that I am not recreating the wheel here on my Facebook business page. I actually gave you a lot of room to write out ideas on your actual copy the, the words that you were going to write in your post to get people to click to get people to read to get them to stop. You can even put little notes in here about the kind of graphic you want to make, like this one is a quote from the post. I didn’t write in what I want to put from the copy I don’t really know what I want to do for the copy just yet, but I know that I want to put a quote from the post in there. And this post is the one that’s going to be the thread through the whole line. So, I’m going to share about that post on my Facebook business page. And I’m going to make a quote, and put it on Instagram. And tomorrow. I’m going to take a different quote, and put that on my Facebook business page. I’m going to skip Instagram tomorrow. And then, Friday, or whatever day yeah Friday. I’m going to post on my business page. The join list, and they’re going to want to join for freebies, and post roundup so they don’t have to always necessarily visit the blog but they can check out what we have up and then down here on Instagram, because Instagram is a visual platform. I’m going to do a zoom in on next month, or this month, because I haven’t made next month yet freebie and give a little teaser, to get people to join the email list.

Now, what I will also do. If I think about it for something like this, I will definitely do it. If I’m just talking a regular blog post, I might not necessarily, but I like to kind of keep track of stats. So, I know a lot of people don’t so I didn’t want to waste your copy space with with stats trackers. But if you take that up noxious color again, and you just right in the bottom. Your, your stats on that specific post, maybe even note what time you posted it, because, you know, time and your audience makes it a difference there. That way, for the future, you’ll know because you can reuse these guys don’t erase these take them and stuff them behind one of these tabs for use later because you can take the same thing, and just repurpose it change it a little bit change a couple of the words can have different post. Make a different funny thing. You have a whole nother content plan right here.

And then when you do a five day one. I just do another set of tip and identifier. That’s it. It’s the same thing. It is a straight road you guys.

A lot of people will call this content arcs. I really think the term arc gets people confused because you envision an arc. It goes up and down. It doesn’t have to go up and down, it is a straight road, you are literally laying the bricks for people to do what you want them to do. That’s it. Alright, so I hope you love these. I love them.  I’ve been doing this forever and trust me I never could find a great solution for these. And I think that’ll do it.

So, do you have thoughts, comments, questions, message me. Message your business page. Leave a comment, leave us a review, leave us a review on the shop or on the business page. That would be pretty stellar. Maybe that’s what I should attempt for the, for the objective for our training, say that that’s how you give them. That’s how you do a tip track man. Oh God, again I’m Jamie from making it social. Thanks for being a continuing customer. I really hope you enjoy these. Bye.