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by Jamie Makin

I’ve been in some sort of Direct Sales business since I was 19. 

The Husband and I joined a network marketing company, which I don’t even remember the name of. We used and liked the products, so it made sense. But we never really dove into the business side of it. Later I joined a direct sales makeup company- if you knew me in person, you’d know why that’s funny. I’m a firm believer in the fact that you have to use your product to be able to sell it. And I just don’t bother with makeup. — I work from home. The FedEx guy doesn’t care if I have mascara on or not. He’s just happy I showered. 

Then, in 2013, I joined Pampered Chef. It was kind of a funny story how it happened. I wrote about it over on my other blog WhatsJamieMakin.com if you want to read it. See, I’d already been in love with Pampered Chef for years. I already used it daily and when I had my last party, all the items ordered were things that I had raved about! It just made sense. 

I was off and running in my direct sales business. 

Quickly after joining, I was on a hot streak! I earned our 30 day incentive in 3 weeks. I had 6 parties in my first 30 days. I had a new recruit (eventhough I had very little idea what I was doing). I’d watched every training video from the company. Everything was hunky dorey! 

Until 60 days in. My business came to a screeching halt. My host leads dried up. My friends weren’t hosting or buying– which isn’t a shock since they just all went to a party or two with me. But, I refuse to quit and I will not fail. So, the only real option was to get researching. I starting following all the consultants I recognized from our company newsletters. I began copying what they said and did verbatim. Because if it worked for them, it ought to work for me, right? There was desperation in the air. Everyone could smell it. This didn’t seem like the way to build a long lasting business.  I struggled and I put in a lot of work. I slowly started to see results. 

Is this how direct sales really is?

Is it really going to be that much work and struggle to make this thing successful? Is it worth it?

I soon learned that, while it does take work, there are ways to do things that don’t require the struggle. I made a lot of mistakes along the way. I tested and tried out so many things in the first 2 years of business. But, as soon as I started focusing on attraction marketing, not spamming my friends, and really examining what was working and what wasn’t, it was a total game changer for my Pampered Chef business. 

With these insights driving my strategy, I was able to grow a decent sized team in a year. I was the top recruiter in the entire company in November 2017. And I promoted to a leadership role early on. My most exciting moment though, was when I was asked to speak at conference about sales in Virtual Facebook Parties in August 2018.   

Jamie Makin with Pampered Chef founder, Doris Christopher and Chief Consultant Advocate, Jean Jonas in 2018. 

Why the Makin It Social Direct Sales Resources Blog?

My goal with the Direct Sales Resources page is to help you avoid the mistakes I made early on. I love learning and a big part of that, for me, is teaching others what I have learned. I was originally going to just post all of this information on my team Facebook group…but I thought others might enjoy reading it as well! This blog will serve as a place for you to fill in the gaps between the company training and what you need to know to make direct sales a solid business for yourself and your families. Not just for Pampered Chef Consultants! Yes, the examples may be more geared toward Pampered Chef (hey, use what you know, right?), but the lessons will be applicable to everyone. You’ll set goals and develop strategies. You’ll learn about new tactics you can add to your business. And maybe discover one or two that need to be retired. 

This resource is for everyone in every stage of their business. Please reach out if you would like a topic covered or if you might like to be a contributing author. Grab a spoon and dig in!