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5 Ways a Social Media Content Calendar Will Grow Your Business

by Joni Kinney

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Have you ever found yourself scrolling around trying to find something new to post in your group? Maybe you were frazzled thinking about all the places you had to create a graphic for today? There are so many places to post, Facebook Group, Facebook Business Page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and the list goes on and on. One way to reduce the stress, develop strategy, and engage your customers is by using a Social Media Content Calendar.

Help you Create Monthly Goals

Monthly goals are important. If you don’t have goals you won’t know what you are aiming for. Doing things with no measurement means will never be able to track and know what is working vs what is not. Now there is nothing wrong with having a hobby and having very general goals, but you still need to have some. Create sales goals, promotion goals,  or sponsoring goals. No matter what you are focusing on making sure you write it down.

If you need more help figuring out how to set up goals, I invite you to check out this workbook on How to Set Goals.

Create Sales ARC

When you know what products you are focusing on in your promotions you can then fill in the other days with strategic posts. You will still want to create a ton of personality by showing your life, products, kids, etc; however, you will now be able to create a focused conclusion and theme across your posts. This strategy leads to a natural sales ARC leading to a sale, sponsor, or getting people to follow you somewhere else. Using your Social Media Content Calendar helps you ensure you are focusing on your goals and the products and services you are promoting.

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Make Posting Easy

Knowing what you are posting by using a Social Media Content Calendar makes posting easy. Forgot to schedule something? No idea what to post, no worries; use your daily prompt and post something that will help support your goals, focus products and the daily prompt. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Using the daily prompts on your content calendar will give you flexibility in time management, social planning, and allow you to batch your work. Batching work is a way to create a bunch of images all at once so you aren’t struggling through the creative process over and over again. Learn to use a strategy that will work for you, but focus on optimizing your time.

Improved Communication

The ability to have posts created, products to focus on, and a plan for posts help to have improved communication. This is especially important as you build a connection with your customers, clients, and team members. Use your content calendar to help you improve your Social Media posts, make content creation easy, and communication with others more successful.

Track Posts and Promotions

One of my favorite ways a content calendar is useful is tracking posts and promotions. After all the analysis of posts, strategy, and sales is the combination to determine how successful your large strategy was. If a particular series of posts was very successful and has high engagement you can then recreate that. Likewise, if something didn’t work well you can start to notice those trends and not repeat those types of content.

Social Media Content Calendar Conclusion

In conclusion, there are many reasons why you need to be using a calendar to organize and operationalize your business. Do you have some other reasons to use a content calendar? Share them with us!

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