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Organize Using Color in Your Digital Planner

by Jamie Makin

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Organize using color

Hi everyone I’m Jamie Makin with Makin it Social.
Welcome to watch me Wednesday where I download 5 minutes of knowledge into your brains that you can use to run your direct sales business, and your life, like the boss you are!

Today I want to talk with you about how you can use color in your planner and even your notes to get yourself more organized and efficient!

organize using color

In case you don’t know me, I currently run 6 businesses. I am a landlord, I have 2 successful blogs, 2 direct sales companies (Pampered Chef & Chalk Couture) and The Husband and I built a customizeable Direct Sales Planner business— so saying I’m busy is an understatement! When you’re busy with business and/or family, having a system in place is KEY to keeping the boat afloat.

Let me give you a quick overview how I keep everything straight and manage my time.

organize using color

In the goals section of my monthly view, I write out the high level of what needs to get done this month. Due dates, appointments and goals for the month. Then I color code them. This is not for pretty. This is so I can see at a glance what I’m spending my time on this month and if I’m lacking a certain color- meaning I need to work that area more! In the beginning, keep a color key in the top corner so you don’t waste time trying to remember or find what each color is for. Lasso it copy and paste onto subsequent pages.

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Then to the week view, enter all the week things in, plus projects you need to work on, people you need to call, etc. You can use your lasso tool for this, too.

organize using color

Here’s where I use my daily pages specifically the hourly breakdown ones. I write in appointments (accounting for any travel time) and color code them appropriately. That’s their time block. If at all possible, try to set appointments back to back so you don’t have to keep switching gears mentally.

Now you can work around those appointment times, filling in other areas you need to work on, again, try to put like tasks together. For example, after I’m done here, I’m going to record more videos… because everything is already set up.

organize using color

Now you have these beautiful designated time blocks. But what do you do in them? That’s where the color coded LISTS come in!

A single notebook page with everything you need to do for that one area of your life in one spot. So when I come up to a Makin It Social work block and don’t have a specific task for that moment, I flip to that page and just start working my way down the list. This is EXACTLY why I love digital planners. Erase, move and edit this list as much as you want.

When the current week is over and I’m planning next week, I move my lists to the beginning of the next week so I don’t have to go searching for these list pages.

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If you’re not quite on the digital train yet, you can implement the same system with paper, highlighters and colored file folders.

organize using color

That’s it! That’s how I use color to get organized! I hope you got some actionable tips today. Comment one of your takeaways below!

If you don’t know what you need for blocks, head to the blog and read my Time Blocking blog post.

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