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Your Worth Is Not Tied To Your Title: An Open Letter to Direct Sellers

by Jamie Makin

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Direct sales career paths are presented to brand new consultants right from the very beginning. Personally, while I’m all about goal setting, I think setting your sights on just the direct sales career path title is one of the worst things to happen in direct sales.

Your company, and probably your upline, are constantly reminding you that there are bonuses and treasures beyond your wildest dreams when you promote to the next level. You’re incessantly told to recruit, ask everyone, share the opportunity. Not because it’s something that’s right for your personal goals, but because it helps their bottom line.

So, that’s what you do. 

Once you do promote, you’re showered with all sorts of accolades, parties, pomp and circumstance, boxes of products…. 

Then it hits you. You’ve got to do this amazing thing that so few in the company have achieved….and now you’ve got to maintain it. Lots of “young” leaders hit their direct sales career path title requirements by accident. They aren’t ready to take on the next couple months.

You become stressed out.
Your mental health suffers because you’re not taking time for yourself anymore.
Your life is all about the numbers. How many are active? What’s our sales total right now? Who still has shows to put in?
You stay up late on the last day of the month until it’s cut off time in the most remote time zone of your team, hoping and praying that you make it.
You’re on the phone with team members helping them trouble shoot last minute tech problems so that are standing in the way of your team qualifying.
The rah rah support is gone and it’s down to grit and grace

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If you’re a newly qualified team, chances are pretty good that at the end of your qualification period, you’re broken, disheartened, run ragged…. maybe you made it. Maybe you didn’t. 

No matter the result, you are a leader. 

Your team chose to join you. Those people didn’t care where you were on the direct sales career path. They joined because of your personality. They joined because of your knowledge and passion. They didn’t join because of your title. Screw that title behind your name. It doesn’t mean anything. In fact, many people who don’t have a title are better leaders than those at the top. 

Every single month, my facebook newsfeed is full of people sad and disheartened to have lost their title. Friend, please don’t tie your self-worth to an arbitrary title that, let’s face it, doesn’t mean anything to anyone outside of your company. You’re worth sooooooo much more than that.

I’m not saying don’t work your way up the Direct Sales Career Path

Don’t get it twisted. I definitely believe that you should share the opportunity every chance you get. You never know who may need it. I currently have a team of 15 right now and that number skyrocketed once I learned one key concept that truly should drive everything you do in your business.

It’s not about me. It’s about how I can help others.

When it became less about what I needed to promote, recruiting, sales and everything in my business soared. I earned the title I had previously set my eyes on (without having to hound my friends). We even maintained it for a year. But, like many others, I eventually lost the title because there were so many changes in my personal life I just couldn’t keep up anymore.

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That is exactly why I don’t want you to get so wrapped up in the title. When I spoke at Pampered Chef National Conference just 2 months after losing my title, everyone who found out treated me like I’d just lost a loved one. They gave me the head tilt of sympathy with a sad pouty lip. Y’all… it’s ok! I actually felt relief! Yeah, the freebies and bonuses were great. But my team struggled every single month to meet quotas and it just wasn’t worth it to me anymore. I was doing over half of the team sales myself and I was unwilling to give up any more of my personal time to keep a title.

The thing they don’t tell you about the career path

Guys, it’s a path. Not a stepping stone over hot lava. You’re not going to die if you have to go backwards. You just reset to your last save point, and move forward again.

If you lose your title, I suggest you take a minute to bitch and moan, then pull yourself up and see if that’s what you *really* wanted. Did you want the title? Or did you want what that title could *mean*? Did you want the income? Maybe you wanted the car payment (which is basically income)? Figure out a way to get what you wanted from that title without putting the stress on your shoulders of maintaining that exact spot on the direct sales career path. You were brave enough to start a business. Now be brave enough to go get what you want.

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If you’ve never tried direct sales, read this to see why you should!

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Reta Jayne May 2, 2019 - 1:13 am

Loooove!!! 💜 Thank you for this, Jamie!! My company doesn’t take our title away from us; once it is earned, we get to keep it… But we also have a “paid as” title… & If my “paid as” title doesn’t match my CAREER title, I get down to n myself — & with the way life has been the last six months especially, that’s just the way it is! So, this is something I really needed… I mean, I *know* but it is sooo food to have the affirmation, y’know? It’s like “permission” to push forward without any major pressure. So, thank you. 😘 xo

Jamie Makin May 2, 2019 - 1:18 am

Reta, I e totally been there. In fact, I was there right before I came up with the idea for the planner! You have all the permission in the world to push forward with what YOU want! Get it, girl. 💙


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