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4 Tips for a Kickass Facebook Party

by Jamie Makin

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The Direct Sales Facebook party is outrageously popular and has been for a couple years now. A good Facebook party has all the things we love- friends, fun and laughs. Since so many people use Facebook multiple times per day, it makes sense to throw parties where they are already spending their time! But, people don’t come to Facebook to be sold to.
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I started my career in my host’s kitchens- I show up with my bag of tools, we spend a couple hours talking, laughing and preparing an amazing recipe together. All the guests get to try the products before they buy them. It’s a lot of fun! I still offer in-home parties but, living in upstate New York where it snows 9 out of 12 months, I wanted to expand to virtual shows to “weatherproof” my paycheck. I’ve been working on my virtual party format for a long time.

What a Long Road It’s Been

My original format was the 7 day party where guests are bombarded with a few posts each day for multiple days. Let me tell you, they get pretty sick of you after day 3. You never want to be the girl who people hate seeing in their Facebook notifications! So, I thought that a three day party would be the answer. I wrote up a party script that I was proud of and even made my own original graphics and put it to the test. Well, I still thought in three days that I could cover the same amount of content that I did in seven. I ended up posting 5 to 6 times a day. Guests were still annoyed but now faster! I needed to find a way to duplicate the in home party experience in a Facebook party. Neither of these methods allowed me to truly capture the fun and social aspects of the in-home party experience that I really wanted to convey in my Facebook parties.


After doing some research, I found a better way and I’ve never looked back. Here’s a couple of the essentials that I learned along the way:

Tip One: Make It Personal!

Aren’t you excited to be invited to a Facebook party by someone that you haven’t talked to since you graduated high school? How about being in there with 500 of their closest friends? Or how about waking up to find out that you’ve been added to 5 different Facebook groups and you’re not even sure who added you?

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No one is excited by this. It doesn’t make you feel very special at all. In those parties, you’re just a number with a wallet.

Now, imagine if you got a warm and friendly message from somebody that you’re still pretty sure of what’s going on in their life. This friend is so excited for their Pampered Chef party and they just know that you were going to have a wonderful time. Your friend explains that the consultant is focused on providing real solutions for every day problems, so you’re likely going to leave with some everyday tips to use immediately. That friend even took a minute of time to look through the catalog and try to find a product that would help you and pertains to your particular situation. Doesn’t that make you feel like they actually know you care about helping you feed your family faster? Oh, and this party? There’s only 50 people invited. Talk about exclusive!

Be sure to coach your hosts to deliver these sorts of personalized individual messages for a much higher rate of invite acceptance to your Facebook parties.

Tip Two: Personalize The Experience

A personalized invitation to your Facebook party is a great start, but don’t stop there! These parties are full of people! People that you haven’t met yet, people that you don’t know and potential new customers for life! So, by all means, have a script. Have something written out so you’re not just shouting out to the room for an hour- try a theme party. But take some time to get to know these guests before the party.

Spend a little time getting to know your guests lives, struggles and daily habits. You can blow their mind by customizing your comments to them! You want to know who likes to cook, who hates to cook. Who has littles? Who works 47 jobs and has no time to cook? Who orders take out because they don’t have quick and easy recipes? When a product comes up, tag a guest and share how it solves one of their specific problems. That momma working 59 jobs will probably appreciate that Quick Cooker, don’t ya think? When you tag her and tell her how this single product (with maybe a couple add-ones) will make that one part of her life so much easier, she will be blown away. This will show them that you are there to help and are listening, not just trying to sell something. Things like this will really boost the know-like-trust factor.

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Tip Three: Focus On The Experience Of The Party

Focusing on what’s in it for you is one of the quickest ways to turn people off. Do you ever respond to Facebook posts that sound like “I need 5 more hosts to hit a goal this month!” “I need $1000 more in sales this month! Who is going to buy something?!”


Talk about being salesy and spammy. Listen, I know we all have to make money to keep the lights on, but your guests should never feel that they are the means to your end. These people came out for a night of fun! Guilting them into buying something is not going to extend your relationship and make them have the warm and fuzzy feelings about you.

These Facebook parties- THEY’RE NOT ABOUT YOU!
I repeat, they are Not. About. You.

facebook party tips

You may be the sales rep, but Facebook parties are about your host and her friends. The main goal should be a FUN night for them! I promise, when you focus on the fun in the party, the sales will follow. Your host is a big key to amping up the fun level. Getting her excited is what will drive the sales. Think of yourself as a TV talk show host. You provide a little background info (present your product with a few features/benefits), then facilitate the conversation around it (who would use this? what would you make with this?)! Conversation and the sharing of ideas helps each guest form a picture in their minds of using it themselves. Use these stories and imagery to show them how your products solves their problems and they’ll buy without any pressure.

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Tip Four: Offer Incredible Value

I truly think that one of the main reasons why somebody hesitates about buying something, is because they don’t know how to use it. You have to help them find the value. They’re afraid they will spend so much money on this big awesome thing it will sit on their shelf. This is where you really want to make sure to inform your guests that you will be checking in with them after the sale. You’ll follow up with them to make sure they know how to use it, share that you have recipes & tips and a community built around your products.

This community is going to be their on going resources. And who is leading your community? You, of course! This is a great way for you to stay connected and extend that relationship with your new customers. I’ve had many customers turn into friends because they’ve come to my Facebook group. And it does not have to be a Facebook group where your community lives. You can send people to your Pinterest account full of recipes for all of your products, you can send them to your YouTube channel where you create original cooking videos and unboxing- send them anywhere you want!

Sassy Suite Epic Live Facebook Parties video course

These tips should get you started “Makin” (heh) your parties more fun & profitable. If you want to take your parties to the next level, consider making your own graphics and using a custom theme for your Facebook parties. Make sure to subscribe to my blog to keep getting new tips all the time. But, if you’re like me and need to know everything right now, grab the Epic Facebook Parties training.

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