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Customer Follow Up Page Add-in

by Jamie Makin

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You’ve likely heard “The Fortune Is In The Follow Up”, right? It is easier to keep customers than to find new ones. You want to make sure your customers are happy and have everything they need. You just don’t have a system to know how or when to contact them, or what to say when you do!

This Customer Follow Up Page is one of the pages in the Customer Care Bundle for the Now What Planner. (Available in this listing separately). It’s designed to be moved along in your planner to coincide with the days you need to follow up with people, while still keeping pertinent information at your fingertips.

✅ The info at the top is for quick access to contact methods- put a check mark in the blue area for their preferred method of contact.

✅ Indicate the date the contact should occur and circle which time mark it is- 24 hrs, 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 months.

✅ Keep their wishlist in front of your eyes so you can quickly see if something matches an upcoming promotion!

✅ Quickly review notes from the last call so you can remember to ask about their recent vacation, how work is going, or if little Susie’s dance recital went well.

✅ Prep space for planning what you want to say when you get your customer on the phone. Check why you’re contacting them, then jot down some ideas of what else you want to cover.

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✅ Take notes during this call so you can have a record for next time you contact her. Indicate if there is any action to take from the call (send joining info, mail host packet, send new catalog, etc.)

✅ Figure out the next date to contact and note it at the bottom.

✅ If there’s action to be taken, move this page to the day you will do it! Put it on your post office day if you need to mail a catalog or sample. If no action is needed, move it to the next contact day!

For more detailed record keeping, check out the Customer Care Bundle that includes a more robust Customer Profile!

The Details:

This is a digital download only. You will not receive a physical product. These are designed for digital use and are not suited to printing.

** Personal use only- no redistributing. Don’t be that guy.**

Before purchasing, please make sure you are selecting the correct platform- iOS or Android! Due to the nature of digital products, all sales are final.

Your iOS or Android device may require the purchase of a separate app to utilize- GoodNotes & Xodo have been tested by us.

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